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Model T Ford collectible photograph

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Way back when the model T was king of the road it became the "father" of today's snowmobile. In the cold north woods of Minnesota, many traveled on a special undercarriage like this one. The front axle was moved backward, caterpillar-type treads were buckled around the wheels and the front wheels were replaced by metal sled runners. The rigt, called a "snowmobile" even then, was marketed by an accessory manufacturer for several years.

The photograph is available in one copy only and has no logo on it. The format is 20 x 25 cm and dates from 1969. The photograph is sold as a collectible item for personal usage, non commercial usage for home usage as a decoration piece and a memorabilia. It is only the physical photocopy that is sold, with it follows no rights, no licenses, no commercial usages. The customer has responsability to follow the the laws of copyright that protect the photograph/it's creator/licens holder.